How to Stop Smoking Naturally

Many people don’t just want to quit smoking; they want to stop smoking naturally. They don’t want to switch from one form of nicotine addiction to another – they want to kick the habit altogether once and for all.

A lot of stop smoking programmes involve the use of “nicotine replacement therapy” (known as NRT). This includes things like nicotine patches, lozenges or chewing gum, as well as sprays, inhalers, e-cigarettes or vapes. These are all designed to provide a dose of nicotine without the need to inhale tobacco smoke. By using these you avoid inhaling the tar contained in tobacco smoke. So far so good – but you are still absorbing nicotine, which means that you’re still feeding your habit. NRTs usually come with a health warning of some sort – and they still cost you money.

Conclusion: Using NRT is certainly better than smoking, so it’s a step in the right direction. But surely there must be a better way. After all, a therapy that involves absorbing nicotine into your bloodstream hardly counts as a way of quitting smoking naturally.

There are some herbs which can help you stop smoking. Green tea is said to reduce cravings, and black pepper oil may help too. Even lime juice has been found by some researchers to help people stay off cigarettes (see this authoritative post for more details). If that works for you, go for it – but I suspect that most people will need a bit more than that to wean them off smoking for good.

One consistent finding is that willpower alone is seldom enough (we explain the reason for this here). Willpower might enable you to stop smoking for a while, but something else is required if you really want to stop for good.

What is needed is not an alternative source of nicotine. What is needed is a way for you to begin to view yourself as a non-smoker. There is a huge psychological switch to be made here – to stop seeing yourself as a smoker who is trying to quit and start seeing yourself as a non-smoker. Only then will you find that you no longer want cigarettes. In fact, you won’t even be tempted to smoke when other people around you are smoking.

To make that switch you need to harness the power of your subconscious. All this is explained in detail here. Trust me, it works. I haven’t smoked for over 30 years.

Do yourself a favour and commit to making it work for you.

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